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Pas de Basques          
Pas de Basques + High Cutes          
Highland Fling          
Sword Dance          
Seann Triubhas          
Half Tulloch          
Barracks Johnnie          
Highland Laddie          
Flora McDonald          
Scottish Lilt          
Irish Jig          

You will receive confirmation by e-mail (or via letter if you do not have an e-mail address).

Please transfer the exact amount ( = number of dances x 2 euro/dance) before 1 September into account BE17 7450 6609 1021 referencing HD + your surname and first name.
If we have not received your payment by 1 September , the price per dance will raise to 3 euro/dance, to be paid CASH on the day of the competition. We will only accept payments in EURO.

If you don't receive a confirmation within 14 days, please contact Nele Merken (credentials under contact).

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