Friday : Among the Saints (b) - Pyrates (uk)

Saturday : Emily Smith&Jamie McClennan (sco) - Cassie&Maggie MacDonald (can) - Fred Morrison Trio (sco) - Beinn Lee (sco) - The Hillbilly Moonshiners (ned) - Atlantic Arc Orchestra (irl) - Schëppe Siwen (lux)  - Botswing (b)

Sunday : Fred Morrison Trio (sco) - Rum 50 years ! (b) - Pat Reedy & The Longtime Goners (usa) - Beinn Lee (sco) - Cassie&Maggie MacDonald (can) - Snakes In Exile (b)  - White Trash Dating Service (b) - Kabazou (b)





Among the Saints (b)
Friday 20.30-22.00  Dance tent

Eight-piece folk rock band from our own country! These enthusiastic companions are put together a warm party with widely known traditionals and the more danceable work in the likes of Gogol Bordello, Flogging Molly and The Pogues.

Alexander De Smedt : vocals, guitar
Joris Helsen : guitar, mandolin
Thomas Quinart : bass
René Oproodt : tin whistle, bagpipes
Lisette Welsing : bagpipes
Hella Vaes : fiddle
Jos Vandael : accordion
Clemens Put : drums, percussion




Pyrates ! (uk)
Friday 22.30-24.00  Dance tent
Saturday  13.20-13.55 Incredible Acoustic Marquee

This salty foursome easily turns a tent upside down with a sturdy folk rock set of Irish classics, sea shanties and sturdy tunes. They board the antiques and blast the 21st century version of, for example, "Chicken on a Raft" or "The Irish Rover" through the speakers with a lot of panache .... ARRRR

David Gallows: guitar, vocals, mandolin
Rowan Schuddeboom : fiddle, vocals
Vincent De Raad : bass, vocals
Jean Hilair van Haestregt : drums, vocals




Emily Smith&Jamie McClennan (sco)
Saturday  12.35-13.15  Incredible Acoustic Marquee
Saturday 14.00-15.00 Riding School

The Grande Dame of the Scottish folk scene! A crystal clear voice that explores the boundaries of old and new songs. Thorough and surprising arrangements, simple but straightforward. Together with life partner Jamie McClennan, she brings an intimate and captivating musical gem.

Emily Smith : vocals, guitar, accordion
Jamie McClennan : guitar, fiddle, vocals




Cassie&Maggie MacDonald (can)
Saturday 15.30-16..30 Riding School
Sunday 14.25-15.25  Incredible Acoustic Marquee
Sunday 16.00-17.00 Concert tent

Pocked and mazed in the Nova-Scotia tradition, the MacDonald sisters serve a lively set of songs and tunes to which you cannot possibly stand still. With a perfect mix of harmonious vocals, amazing harmony and musical skills, you know you will get to see great things!

Cassie MacDonald : fiddle, vocals, tapdance
Maggie MacDonald : guitar, piano, vocals, tapdance




Beinn Lee (sco)
Saturday 18.30-19.30  Concert tent
Sunday 11.00-11.45 Incredible Acoustic Marquee

New talent on the Scottish horizon rooted in the Outer Hebrides. The collective legacy of the Gaelic songs and the west coast pipe music is the backbone of their original songs and tunes that sound amazingly contemporary.

Padruig Morrison: accordion
Micheal Steele: fluit, bagpipes
James Stewart : vocals, guitar  
Anna Black : piano
Ilona Kennedy: fiddle   
Seoras Lewis: drums




The Hillbilly Moonshiners (ned)
Saturday 16.20-16.55 Incredible Acoustic Marquee
Saturday 20.00-21.00 Concert tent

The Hillbilly Moonshiners drench your beloved radio hits in the spicy and virile Lousiana swamps. Bluegrass with a sympathetic craziness navigates along a repertoire that swings between George Baker, Michael Jackson, The Weekend and Mumford & Sons. Take in that vitamin-rich, home-brewed musical moonshine!

Michael W. Krust : drums, vocals
Sammy Stonewashe : guitar, vocals
Larry the Goose:  bass, double bass, vocals
Marty the Aussie :  mandolin, vocals
Marty the Geek : guitar, dobro, banjo, vocals




Atlantic Arc Orchestra (irl/sco/wales/n-irl)
Saturday 21.30-23.00  Concert tent

Under the musical wings of folk icon Donal Lunny (Planxty, Bothy Band, Moving Hearts, Coolfin) a host of top musicians gather to serve you a robust fusion of the Scottish, Irish and Breton legacies. A unique musical experience that redefines genius!

Dónal Lunny  :  bouzouki
Pauline Scanlon : vocals              
Pádraig Rynne  : concertina
Jarlath Henderson : uilleann pipes, whistles, guitar, vocals
Aidan O'Rourke : fiddle                
Ewen Vernal  : bass
John Blease :  drumss, percussion




Schëppe Siwen (lux)
Saturday 23.30-01.00  Concert tent

Luxembourg folk rock with a crazy small punk angle. Ska, balkan jazz, waltz and pure folk are overflowing with juicy, self-styled Letzenburg lyrics with content. Schëppe Siwen makes you swing!

Jean-Marc ‚Jojo‘ Wagner  : fiddle, vocals
Lionel Becker : guitar, vocals 
Isabelle Chaussy: accordion
Christophe Wagner: drums
Werner Trausmuth : bass
Pierre Kuffer : trumpet
Marc Kremer : trumpet
Pascal ‚Titi‘ Thiry : trumpet




Pat Reedy&The Longtime Goners (usa)
Sunday  11.50-12.30  Incredible Acoustic Marquee
Sunday  14.30-15.30 Concert tent

Pat Reedy lives in Nashville, home of country, cajun, hillbilly, swamp pop and blues. He successfully bites down in his musical legacy with orignal songs that feel traditional, songs about heart pains, travels and long working days. All the ingredients for a laid-back concert with that typical melancholic atmosphere. Pat Reedy & The Longtime Goners is the real deal!

Pat Reedy : vocals, guitar
Leo Lindahl : pedal steel
Jimmy Spring : bass
Richard Klemmé : drums



Fred Morrison Trio (sco)
Saturday  15.35-16.15 Incredible Acoustic Marquee
Sunday  13.00-14.00 Concert tent


Known as one of the most virtuoso and boldest Celtic pipers, Fred Morrison has had an indelible influence on Scottish bagpipe music over the past 20 years. Eclectic and contemporary interpretation of the rich Scottish tradition. Perhaps his previous concerts at the Scottish Weekend are still sharply engraved in your memory and he will blow you into seventh heaven again this year.

Fred Morrison : pipes, low whistle
Michael Bryan : guitar
Martin O'Neill : bodhran




Rum 50th anniversary ! (b)
Sunday  13.40-14.20  Incredible Acoustic Marquee
Sunday  15.30-16.30 Riding School

The magical Rum, pioneer of the Belgian folk revival in the 1970s, is blowing out 50 candles. "‘Poezeminneke’, ‘Ik hou van alle vrouwen’, ‘Jan mijne man’, ‘Flic-Flac’ and ‘De Moorsoldaten’ still stand strong half a century later. Unique Flemish folk that will certainly not leave you unmoved.

Paul Rans : vocals, luit
Wiet van de Leest : fiddle, guitar
Jokke Schreurs : guitar
Marc Hauman : vocals, guitar




Snakes in Exile (b)
Saturday 14.45-15.30 Incredible Acoustic Marquee
Sunday 14.00-15.00 Riding School
Sunday  18.00-20.00 Dance tent


Their is no Scottish Weekend with the snake brood. You can see the "house band" excell again in their uplifting and extremely danceable folk music and indulge in unbridled folk solid rock, polyphonic gems, quirky covers and original compositions that equal them. Enjoy, and don’t hold back!

Peter Van Aken : vocals, accordion, bodhran
Luc Baillieul : vocals, guitar, bodhran
Gert Meulemans : vocals, bas
Kristiaan Malisse : vocals, drums, percussion




Botswing (b)
Saturday 14.00-14.40 Incredible Acoustic Marquee

Exciting jigs and reels, rougher songs and soft melodies are the trademark of, in their own words, this motley crew. Their pure "let’s-run-with-it" attitude radiates a casual atmosphere that takes you straight to any pub in any Irish or Scottish village. Tap your toes!

Jos Tielens: Guitar, Bouzouki, 5-string banjo, Vocals
Dimitri Claes: Guitar, Bagpipes, Low whistle, wooden flute, Vocals
Armand Wynands: Double bass, Vocals
Lode Leyssens: Fiddle, Cello
Erik Gielis: Flute, Tin whistle




White Trash Dating Service (b)
Sunday 12.35-13.35 Incredible Acoustic Marquee

The dark basements of country, old hard rock, forgotten evergreens… .White Trash Dating Service explores them all and molds it into a raw and nuanced set of sizzling and haunting songs.

Koen M.D. : vocals, acoustic guitar
Marcel B. : mouthorgan
Peter B. : acoustic/electric gitaar
Sem R. : double-bass




Kabazou (b)
Sunday 15.30-16.30 Incredible Acoustic Marquee

Classics from folk, cajun, tex mex and rock as pure a it can be. From "Dirty Old Town" to Willy DeVille's "Mazurka", no frills, just fun.

Yves Indeherberge : guitar, vocals
Raf Spelkens : whistles, harmonica, vocals
Dirk Vercampt : accordion, vocals
Filip Lejeune : vocals, guitar
Willy Bijnens : double bass
Rik Schreurs : bodhran, percussion, whistles, low whistle, vocals